Welcome To My ENSDomains & A.I. Art Collection 


  A bit of a pivot from just ENSDomains, I have always been fascinated by the NFT Art space  but didn't know how I could get involved into that world until I stumbled across the MidJourneyAI Site. Its ran through Discord and I highly recommend you check it out if you like creating art but don't have the skill set to actually draw or paint something out. So I created an interesting A.I. Art & ENSDomain "Art" Gallery using OnCyber . io. I plan to build that out as I go creating larger spaces with theme type rooms but in no rush for that out of the gate. If you have time please check it out when you get a chance. Links on my Twitter feed pinned post, Twitter link above.

You might be asking what the heck are these ENS Domains(aka ENSNames) all about??!! That is a great questions, 
To keep it real simple, ENSDomains are short wallet addresses for your Cryptocurrency Wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase ect.. If you want to send or receive Cryptocurrencies you can use a short cool ENSDomain as your wallet address. You can also build a DECENTRALIZED web3site like this one easily. Check out my Twitter Page for more info, I have some excellent ENS info in the comments section of my pinned Tweet. 

I created a ENS Collection of fun names, I totally went full on Degen and have about 475 ENSDomains in this Collection. I have another couple hundred names that have Subdomain potential, I'm waiting for the Subdomain Wrapper to be released by the ENS Team before jumping into that but I think I will charge about $25 per Subdomain. I have some cool ones like Gr81.eth, UrGr8.eth, IsGr8.eth as well as a bunch of other ones like Gr8car.eth or Gr8bike.eth ect... All great for your favorite Names, Nicknames, cars, Motorcycles ect... the sky is the limit with those really as you could make any subdomain you want and never have to pay any renewal fees. More on that later.  

                          My ENSNames4u Collection on ENSVision link   

                                                                        My ENSNames4u Collection on OpenSeas link 

DYOR - Do Your Own Research on ENS Domains, there are no guarantees in this space so Do NOT spend more than you can afford to lose. 

**And the most important piece, None of this is Financial advise. I am merely an idea man, you are essentially buying my ideas. What you do with those ideas is on you.